I have nothing but positive things to say about DKR. After our large house fire, we interviewed several disaster recovery contractors. DKR were by far the most flexible and willing to listen. After we met with DKR, we were actually enthused to rebuild rather than depressed by the devastation. Throughout the project, DKR was extremely sensitive to maintaining quality and adapting to our needs. They finished on schedule and on budget, and our rebuild made our house better than before. We have even used DKR since to consult on projects and perform services and will again in the future. Can't go wrong with DKR.

Tyler Williams

DKR is an excellent company!!! They built our house from the ground up and we couldn't have asked for a better contractor!! John Kougher was such a pleasure to work with. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone that is doing any kind of remodeling or construction. 5 stars to DKR!!!!

Mary Borders

DKR Builders and John Kougher completed a full kitchen remodel for my wife and I. They removed a wall, installed additional cabinets, an island, new hardwood floors, and granite counter tops. The results were excellent, of outstanding quality, and were competitively priced. I would recommend this company to anyone!

Dave Tedford

DKR Builders replaced my water-damaged hardwood floor. They were prompt, professional, provided an itemized repair estimate, and did a great job installing my floor.

Karen Slavik

The entire team is outstanding! I can hardly recognize my home it is so stunning! We worked together to find the best options and upgrades that were sound investments for my home and my rental property.

Daphne Fleming

DKR did a large construction project for our office and were very dependable, friendly, and professional. They have also been extremely helpful with questions since. Would recommend!

Heather Jordan

Dear Gary,

From the day the repairs began in our house, DKR Builders had someone doing work every day of the week till the job finished. We could see progress being made everyday. Everyone who worked in the house was professional and completed his work in a timely manner. After 2 months when the work was completed the house looked better than the one originally built by the builders, the paints on the walls matched the rest of the house, the new ceilings blended right in with the existing ceiling, the baseboards and shoe trims matched the existing ones. The house looked exactly the same as the day when we moved in four years ago.


Tanaya Anand

Dear Sirs,

While it might be easy for some people to complain about the remodeling process, we have absolutely no reason to do anything but praise your business. How could we complain? The workmanship was outstanding and the pricing was very reasonable, especially considering the drive to Sunbury. We have received numerous compliments on our kitchen, particularly from people familiar with its original condition.

Thank you,

The Wince Family

To whom it may concern,

DKR Builders did a great job in rebuilding our house. Their Project Manager, John's professionalism during the rebuild process & his communication skills throughout the project exceeded our expectations. We were very pleased with DKR's ability to respond to our concerns and complete our project in timely manner.

Thank you,

Carol & Charlie Mix

Dear State Farm,

The week before Christmas, we experienced a house fire that easily could have ruined the holiday and kept us tied up for months. Due to the quick response of Gary at DKR Builders, we had to do nothing but open the front door. DKR made it seamless transitions into a fully restored house.  The DKR crew were professional, excellent craftsmanship, prompt, and considerate at all times. They were willing to answer our questions and were easy to work with. The damage areas look brand new with no signs of ever experiencing a fire.  DKR Builders crew are to be commended.


Doug & Krista

Dear DKR Builders,

My insurance company supplied me with DKR Builders contact information, as I was clearly frustrated, Gary was at my house within 48 hours! He dealt with my insurance representatives regularly, and before I knew it, the project was underway. Gary continued to check up on the progress of the project and came to the house on several occasions. When it came time to pick new carpet, my wife and I had chosen a different supplier than who Gary was currently working with. However, he had no problem coordinating the installation with our preferred person and even talked with them directly so I wouldn't have to!

Needless to say, our experience with DKR Builders was nothing short of wonderful. Excellent communication, excellent service, extremely timely, and professional attitude. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, and will call Gary again should I ever need contracting work in the future.


Steve R.

Dear Sirs,

Your company did a beautiful job restoring our home after our fire. You were recommended by several people and especially by the folks at State Farm, who said they had worked with you for many years. Gary is an exceptional person to work with. He understood our concerns and always worked with us to achieve the best results. Your workers were friendly and professional, and they really did a nice job.

After something like this, there are many people calling, wanting our business.  We asked people taht we knew, and took their advice on who to go with. State Farm would work with anyone we wanted, but they know who does a good job, and several people at State Farm recommended you. I am very glad they did.

We have our house back, and in better condition that it was, I think. There is no smoke smell and you cannot tell that it had damage. It was a terrible time, turned into something good at the end. I appreciate a company like yours that values customer service. I am happy to be a business reference for you. Thank you all for a great job.


Robert Robinson